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Series of 24 15cmx15cm fine art prints on archival paper

Tamara’s typographic series focuses on the physical and spiritual act of prayer, which in essence is a direct link to god and the universe.

Tamara’s art focuses on the niyyah (intention) as energy in the spiritual act of prayer, which is seen as a direct link to God and the Universe. Given the dark times many countries in this region are in, positive intentions are in dire need. This is exaggerated by the fact that the atrocities have made people ‘switch off’ from the news and created a sense of hopelessness.  Prayer is one solution offering solace and filling every need (be it protection, hope in despair, forgiveness etc.). Every intention has a vibration and its strength is determined by its degree of sincerity (sidq) from our souls and heart, its words transforming into action. The more positive and sincerer people’s intentions, the better our world will become. 

For this project, Tamara asked a sample of Muslims to show her the way they perform ‘duaa’ and has photographed their hands for the purpose of this exhibition. Her work is simply an invitation to give out positive energy and to take the time to do this. 

"Maybe a small action is made great by its intention, and maybe a great action is made small by its intention." 

Abdulla Ibn al-Mubarak (118-181H)