28x40cm fine art photographic prints, 2017

Walking through older neighborhoods in Bahrain, one comes across deteriorating surfaces, neglected window frames, withering and peeling paint on walls, and well used, beaten down corridors that we pass through all the time. Do we truly look at these ‘used’ surfaces that were once shiny and new but over time became something else? These altered surfaces are synonymous to the human condition as the result of life experiences. 

What would happen if we made it harder to ascertain what was in the photograph by only choosing parts of these surfaces? Would you still know what they were? Do you trust that these images are what, I say, they are?

What is found in the composed photographs is beauty in the abstract. Making art of what is ordinary to others. These ‘true’ surfaces have been altered by nature yet if they were taken a step further and altered digitally creating a lie, would you notice because they are so abstract? I have ‘adjusted what has been adjusted by nature’ and told a lie out of a truth. Or have I?